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January 1, 2021

What is PPC?

“PPC stands for pay per click, where an advertiser pays a search engine for every click made on the ad”

PPC Advertising services like Google Ads and Bing Ads operate with real time bidding. Advertisers just bid on the perceived value of a click based on the keywords, platforms and audience type in which it originates. search engines are an incredibly popular platform that allows advertisers to display ads that are relevant to what users are searching for.

The goal of PPC ad is to lead the brand when person is viewing or click on the specific advertisement and the user can complete a valuable action such as purchasing product.

Why We Need PPC?

PPC is used for fulfil all type of business campaign goals such as,

  • Increase Sales

  • Generate leads

  • Promote brand awareness

PPC is all about relevance. users are searching for specific products, services, and information at any time. Advertisers can show a targeted ad at the exact moment when this search is occurring.

For example, if a user searches for “latest bluetooth headphones”, an advertiser can show an ad related to it.

so, with the help of targeted keyword and account structure, advertisers can run successful PPC campaigns as long as relevance profound.

How Does PPC Works? 

In pay per click, ads are bidding to a system known as Ad Auction. It’s an automated process followed by a major search engine to determine the validity and relevance of the ads that appear on their search engine result page.

At the Ad auction, advertisers bid on keyword that are relevant to their business. keywords are the search terms they want to stimulate and display their ads. For example, if your business is related to technology, you will want to bid on the keyword, “latest technology updates”

Some of the main keyword research types and keyword matches you must understand before planning a PPC campaign such as,

  • Brand match keyword

  • Phrase match keyword

  • Brand match modified keywords

  • Exact match keyword

  • Negative Keyword

Use maximum keyword research tools for finding relevant keywords with the right volume and average per cost.

Once you decided the relevant keywords, create an ad and set it up on the search engine platform. Add the keywords that you want the ads to target for.

Set the bids for how up in the ad section of the search results their ad will show. The advertising platform also looks in all factors such as, quality score, bid price, ad extensions to determine which ad is suited for the highest position.

When a user submits the search query, there is a complex algorithmic calculation done by the search engine. The result of these calculation indicates the ads that are displayed their product details, their orders and which advertiser sell the product.

Why PPC is important for Business?

PPC is the best for having great advertisement online. It allows your business at the highest level and grow more. PPC will put you ahead of your competitors.Try few a months of PPC advertisement with right targeted audience , keywords & Platform , you will see good targeted traffic to your web or leads or sell. You can create more than one campaign which could be focused as per your business goals such as brand awareness, online shop or geography based branding.


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